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2012-08-14 13:41:34 (UTC)

Chocolate Chips and Oatmeal

I was sitting at my breakfast table, 'nomming' on some oatmeal with chocolate chips, and then I realized something. School starts in like, two weeks for me! Oh what joy.
I don't know what exactly made me think of that, because I'm almost a hundred percent sure that oatmeal has nothing to do with school, but I guess it's not really relevant anymore.

After remembering the whole concept of school, I got kind of weird and now I'm sitting in my room, acting unsocial. It's not like I hate school, I actually love it, but starting it is the least fun. I have to meet all new people, get to know the teachers, etc.

Random note...I think I use ellipses and the abbreviation 'etc.' too much. I wish I owned a thesaurus I could keep by my computer. I think it would prove to be a bit redundant because there is such a thing as an online dictionary...o.o Duh. Why didn't I think of that before..?

Anyways. Back to my point. School. Right. Getting to know the people, starting the curriculum, all of it is incredibly tedious. I wish I could start school in the middle of the year when I already know everyone, then I would have a lot more fun. I suppose I'll just have to get used to the idea of school again...And because of summer's unbelievable length, it's hard to remember what I learned last year; so I'm a bit worried about that too.

Woah! It's another completely random note. I can't stop listening to Green Day. Like, every one of their songs is on repeat right now for me. And it isn't even as if I /like/ rock music, (I think Green Day would be rock...?) their songs are just very, very catchy. To the point where I'm mouthing the words when I'm not actually listening to them. Weird.

It amazes me that I can listen to all of these depressing songs, and still be happy. Maybe depressing music makes me happier? That would be a bit odd, but I guess that /kind of/ makes sense. Depressing music also makes me write depressing things. Yay for depressing things! Sometimes I think my mom is depressed, because of what's happened in her life, so maybe that comes to play in my own life.

I love my mom dearly, and she's my best friend. I know a lot of people my age have terrible relationships with their parents, but I'm on really good terms with mine. The only problem I have with my mom is her depression sometimes. She's a dramatic person, and I wonder if her depression is the cause of her need for attention, and not a real problem. I think that most of the time she does really feel extremely sad, but it's hard to separate the two. My parents are divorced, but I think my mom has found another person (not entirely sure about that) along with my dad finding someone else too; so the probability of my mom becoming depressed again is kind of small.

Oh well. It was nice to write about my feelings, but now I'm not very sure what to say. ^^


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