A Crazy Persons Thoughts
2001-10-10 05:41:48 (UTC)

if i had a million dollars...

i wonder what i really would do with a million dollars? i
always ask everyone that question.
McCown told me he would do nothing with it, and he took an
hour to tell me that. I think he just likes to hear himself
Danny would probably buy his piano. The white yamaha with
gold rim and keys. then, he'd pay for college i think.
Jessica would also pay for college. i think alot of us
would pay for college. it's very expensive.
I asked meg and she keeps saying she doesn't know, then
get's pissed off cuz i keep asking her

money is everything in this world. I have some money. It's
cuz dad died. Sometimes i think to myself that if dad
hadn't died, i wouldn't have my car, or my ring, or any of
my clothes that i like so much. How selfish am i. And
that's the way everyone is too. Money is what makes you who
you are in this world. Sometimes i wish that God could just
take me into heaven now. It's so much easier to be good
when you'r with him. I know he's always with us, but i dont
know if we are always with him.

i'v decided that girls think too much. that's why we go
crazy more than guys.