This Girl Will Always Find Her Way....
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2012-08-12 03:53:18 (UTC)

Misery loves company.

J.C., you are a piece of shit. You are an Asshole. A real low life. DEADBEAT. You are my ex-husband of 10 years. You were my best friend, my true love. You were my drug buddy. I will never say you "made" me do anything. I know I made my own decisions. BUT...and this is a huge never failed to feed them to me. No matter how badly I wanted to be clean, you always had a way to justify our addiction. I remember swearing them off so many mother fucking times and kickin it cold and you'd come home from work and see me puking my guts out and in seriously such a vulnerable state and JINGLE THE FUCKING PILLS IN YOUR MOTHERFUCKING POCKET. Fucking Vicodin. You fucking asshole. I hate you for bringing them to my life. You fucking ruined us, you dick. We could have been together still if drugs wouldn't have played a factor in our lives. Why did you want me to be an addict like you? Does misery just simply love company?

YOU PROMISED!! YOU PROMISED!! You cock sucking liar. You didn't keep us safe, protect us. You ruined us. You almost ruined me. How are we alive today? If we had to count how many narcotics we actually ingested, could you imagine the number? Oh. My. God. Me either.