Is he the man of my dreams
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2012-08-12 02:03:33 (UTC)

Fears and anxioty

I've been dating for 5 months now.. He is the most wonderful amazing companion that tells me daily on how much he loves and desires me.. I can see and hear that this is true to his heart.. I have never met a man that will walk a mile just to ensure that ALL my needs are met.. My heart belongs to him and him only.. there are issues from my side about who he is.. and i'm trying hard to accept this part of him because everything else is PERFECT.. the man of my dreams has been given to me.. and for that I thank life in itself...

I do have some inner fears that i need to deal with.. and I'm calling for advice where ever I can.. He is a drinker.. and I feel he has an issue as he has trouble just having one drink.. I have spoken to him about my concerns and am now seeing when we are together he is choosing not to drink about 99% of the time.. but I guess his craving just give in that other 1%.. This is what I'm trying to accept because without this he is 100% perfect.. am I being to harsh?

The other issue I have is he has recently registered on a dating site.. I know this because I created an account to talk to an old friend and discovered when I did a contact search his profile was active.. it wasn't active 3 months ago.. but it is now.. what should I do..