Life & Other Drugs
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2012-08-11 01:12:44 (UTC)

Sex, Love, &.. Jay?

Jay. - i don't know why i call her that, i just do.
-we've known eachother all our lives and have been super close
for what seems like, EVER !
-honest with each other?Always.
-gossiping?Everyday !
-shy around eachother?Never (;

When we're together we can get into soo much trouble !but who cares, we obviously don't !so one night we were in our mischievous moods and felt like getting into trouble. everyone was gone and we were left babysitting at home so we put the kids to bed popped open a bottle of wine, made some dinner, and watched a movie waiting until everyone came home..(**let me note that we are NOT allowed to was against the rules**)it was 2 am and still this time we were getting bored of watching movies and honestly, just wanted to get a lil tipsy so we downed the whole bottle of wine but we didn't want to stop so we popped open another one and just sat on the floor across from each other just talking about boys, sex, you know, girl stuff. but i guess all our talk about these things kinda turned us on.. next thing we know we ran out of the second bottle and we were face to face locking lips.
neither one of us pulled away.

And then, undressing.
neither one of us said stop.

We kept going.
neither one of us tried to figure out what was
going on.

but what WAS going on?
i'm going to be honest, it weirded me out at first i mean she's like my sister so yeah it was strange. but we're not blood related so i wasn't trippin; lol i mean, i didn't NOT like it. i know she didn't mind either .she told me during the whole thing -.- haha,silly girl.

but i've always been somewhat attracted to girls just as much as i am to boys..i know it's not "wrong" because nothing is "right" but still !!! hahaha, i don't know.just... RAMBLING.


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