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2012-08-11 01:12:11 (UTC)


December 3, 2011
"So what do we do now?"I asked my mom. She had no answer.
a few weeks before this things were fine.we were barbequing, hanging out with neighbors, enjoying our time together, etc. and then we get a letter from the bank saying we had to be out of our home within the next 30 days because the owner had lost the building to the bank..uhh, what?
we've been paying this guy rent every month !what are they talking about the owner lost the property???

anyways, after many confused days and stressed nights we had to leave.
we moved in with a family-friend and everything was fine.she had a full house as it was with her three kids, son-in-law, and three grandchildren and adding four more people to the mix? haha, what a scene ! there was NEVER a dull moment ..not too bad(:

but of course, we didnt mean to stay for so long..only until we found a place and got back on our feet. we promised.
but a couple weeks turned into a month, a month turned into two..three..and then six.its hard looking for a place, especially times like these.ECONOMY SUCKS.

As of today, there was an exchange of words and we had to leave so we are now staying my grandpa...and already, we are having problems.the manager of his apartment building threatened that if we don't leave by the end of this month he will throw my grandpa out as well.. how crappy would that makes us look for staying until that happens??
the end is coming near and i am getting more stressed by the hour, FML.

that is all ~

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