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2012-08-08 14:22:50 (UTC)

My High Times

So early this year, after spring break but sometime before the end of March when I was still smoking pretty regularly and wasn’t going to school anymore I made plans to hang out with a good friend of mine, Veronica (aka Ronnie). I had decided that I would introduce her to one of my loves Mary Jane. I picked her up from her house, and took her to another friend’s apartment. This friend, Joe, I had had a fling with the previous summer, and he had been the one that introduced me to weed. I had Joe’s friend and roommate hook me up with about three grams. As all four of us were sitting around getting high Joe decided to bring out a pack of cards. Now normally when I get high I just sit quietly and contemplate everything and nothing at once. We start playing some sort of card game and near the end, I realize that the whole game made no sense and it seemed like we were just slamming cards down in a pile. I tell everyone that I can’t play anymore and Joe says, “No! Bekah we’re almost through and I was about to win!” I refuse to continue playing, and somehow they finish the game without me.