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2012-08-08 05:40:02 (UTC)

long time no seee..

wow. its been about a year now since we last wrote...time to catch up? i think so. things went bad. i mean i january i realized i was fat( i was 150) and i stopped eating. its now july and iweight 120. i want to loose more so i case i let myself go again it wont be so bad. and in the bright side i bought a car with my own money and im getting my license in a week or so. but i also have another cofession. i might be pregnant like, i feel like its my period ad i still ovulate, but i feel like my stomach is getting bigger and like..i just feel like i am. im so scared though. im getting a pregnacy test in a few weeks just so i know that the test would be right...but think..if i am actually pregnant, i will be 11 weeks right now...that scares me so much. im only 17, but if i am i think i could be a great mom<3

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