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2012-08-06 16:44:34 (UTC)

About Me

If anyone has been reading my random ramblings as of late, I apologize for not doing a proper introduction "diary" entry. I started this journal two years ago, and only came back to it recently after a year long hiatus. Life gets in the way of simply writing about life.

Firstly, I'm an 18 year old female from Texas. I will be entering my freshman year of college later this month. My major is business and I will be living on campus. I'm also a choral singer (sop II-alto II), though I didn't have time to put the class in my schedule this semester.

Secondly, I'm in a long term relationship with a guy named Theodore that lives in my hometown, which is about a four hour drive from where I live now for college. Theo is a music major at the local community college. He plays flute, piccolo, and violin. He is about two years older than me and seems perpetually unmotivated and unsure of what he wants to do with his life. I get upset sometimes because it seems like his life is so much simpler than mine. Regardless, he's a great guy, honestly cares about me, and I'm happy with the relationship over-all.

Finally, I have very unique religious beliefs (which you may have been introduced to in previous entries). Although not currently a registered member, I am seriously looking into Satanism. Everything I've read about it so far resonates in me like nothing else ever has. I'm continually looking for more information, and wish I could find someone to talk to that is familiar with the teachings of Anton LaVey.

That's it for now.

Do what thou wilt.


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