Not such a nice life
2012-08-05 19:38:39 (UTC)

Remember past

Like nobody is going to ready this piece of crap here, I'm able to tell my deepest secrets MUHAHAHAHA
There is this huge whore that I used to call friend and she did some very bad things to me just like: she started texting the guy I liked and saying bad things about me -when we were still friends-

I used to think I was the wrong one by thinking she could do any bad thing to me.Some friends tried to alert me but I didn't believe.
For this case I really feel that "Somebody that I used to know" fits pretty well my life with her..So as when I started finding out her real face : "don't speak"

Yeah, I've listened to "don't speak" for a long time and cried thinking about.
But now I know it's not my fucking business to help idiot people.
And the worst thing of all is that she did bad things to other friends of mine and now lives her noisy life happily ever after U-U
She was at my exhibition with the group of history theater.But I didn't reconize her..I thought she would be doing a person just like her, wearing short skirt and low-cut shirt with high heels..but she was interpreting a guy, and pretty well..SHE WAS LOOKING LIKE A GUY!But not a handsome one..a very ugly one: that's what happens when she doesnt put make up on LOL

Okay, I was too mean for a day..but she deserves to be poorly treated in my thoughts.