Experienced Life
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2012-08-04 20:15:47 (UTC)

Saw the Sun rise today

So I have no choice but to do whatever the hell I can while I'm here. I put an add in Craigslist to rent out one of my rooms in this house. I'm in a little bind from someone else's fucking bills so I need to dig my self outta this fucking hole (as usual).

That's all I got so far. Killing time playing darts. I guess that's the only thing I can do to keep my mind off of the bullshit the ex is putting me through. Again, she didn't want to talk but wanted to communicate via email. WTF? We are talking about a 40 something year old woman. Yet she prefers to email instead of talk. I get so pissed at myself to let myself get caught into her fucking drama!!

Some people just needs to die to make this world a better place. If they don't, then I want to die so I don't have to deal with other people's bullshit.

Ok, back to my darts. I'm getting all wound up again.