sex drugs and rock n roll
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2012-08-03 15:18:53 (UTC)

my baby daddy is a idiot!!!

ok so my daughters dad is a idiot... over the last 14 years of my daughters life her dad and i have become great friends.. we didn't want her to have to deal with crap because him and i didn't make it as a couple, but lately.. i really just want to punch him in the face!! ok it starts like this... 2 years ago my man and the baby daddy got into a fight.. this really was a long time coming because my man did time in prison because of my baby daddy years ago... he is a snitch!!! anyways j.t. and i ended up hooking up years later..( j.t. is my man )so they get into this fight because j.t. didn't like the way baby daddy was talking to me.. some shoving went on blah blah blah it's over.. a year later j.t and i got into a pretty bad fight.. he had found out i wasn't being faithful and needless to say he was pretty hurt by it...we were at a ugly point in our relationship and i cheated, im not proud of what i did but it happened.. so we got in a fight j.t. hit me cops came and we both went to jail for 4 days.. even tho i didn't lay a hand on him.. ok so now baby daddy gets involved... now im stuck in the middle of their crap..oh and btw j.t. and i have worked everything out and we are doing better than we ever have.. my daughter goes on vacation with her dad his girlfriend, their 3 kids and my daughters friend..i come to find out after it is blasted on fb by this old woman that my daughters dad was smoking pot and snorting something in front of the girls.. the "friend" told other kids this.. so i went off!!! he says its not true but i know it is because i know he smokes and i know he snorts his pills.. i got my daughter to tell me and shy said yes he has smoked in front of her and other friends also. i got ahold of the parents, told them what happened.. so now im at bat with baby daddy and his cunt gf.. he wants her to come today for the weekend but im not sure i should send her.. he has no rights to her so its not like she has to go.. idk. i just want to punch him in the face!! ok im done now lol