The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2012-08-03 01:39:14 (UTC)

No numbness today

although it was a busy day at work as usual, it wasn't as bad as i anticipated!
Hsd to deal with guardians, case managers and hospitals but that was easy!
FINALLY it is what I deserved!
I don't know how much more I can take there, and I hate that they won't let me move up the ladder, fucking sucks really! very unfair if you ask me, but who the fuck am i right? just a peon you say?
I don't know what to think about life anymore, I try I really do to think positive and think that things are going to be alright!
I hate this drowning feelings, my bi polar meds really seem to be helping my thought process especially when I start to get manic!
I'll get it together, I think

Have a good friday all

til next time,