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2012-08-02 07:42:27 (UTC)

"Road Trip", Secret Cravings

Today will be my last day of work for the week. My father and I have taken off tomorrow so that we can go back down to Corpus. I will be picking up any necessities that I think I need. Specifically I need to remember my TI-84, my bicycle, bathrobe, storage trunk, and desk lamp/ iHome. Since my mom moved to a new house, I don’t think it will be very easy to find a lot of the things I need. Another main reason for this trip, of course, is to visit Theo. I feel like I haven’t seen him in forever. I really don’t want to spend a second of my time in Corpus without him. Except when I see Travis. See, I probably shouldn’t have, but I asked Travis to hook me up with 2 g while I’m in town since I don’t have any contacts in Houston. I know Theo would kill me if he knew what I’m planning, since I told him that I wouldn’t smoke anymore. Really, I haven’t since March, and I don’t plan to again right away. I just want to have a small stash for myself once I’m settled into the new routine. This dry spell has been alright, but sometimes… I just get these cravings. It’s like with anything I guess. For instance, I had been craving a milk shake for WEEKS before I was able to go to Marble Slab and get one last Sunday. The only difference is milk shakes aren’t illegal. I tried smoking cigarettes, but really they feel bad for me. It’s like I’m not getting enough oxygen to my head and I get dizzy and need to sit down. That might be the “good” feeling, but it only lasts as long as I’m actively smoking- and the feeling really isn’t all that good. On the other hand, getting high is a much better feeling, I have to smoke substantially less, and the feeling lasts long after I’ve stopped actively smoking. Really it’s all around better for my health.

Anyway, it’s nearly 8 am and I should get started on real work. I’m not getting paid to sit around and write about my feelings.
Peace and love, my friends.