R. Gilley

The Confessions of a Good Man
2001-10-10 05:37:21 (UTC)


“The only gospel one ought to read is the great book of
Nature, written by the hand of God and sealed with his
seal. The only religion that ought to be professed is the
religion of worshipping God and being a good man.”

-Voltaire (1694-1778)

This is the quote that sums up what I am about. I don't
waste time with petty moral dilemmas. Should I do this or
do this ? That isn't me. My life revolves around this
question... What is the best use of the time God has given
me ? And will what I do now hurt anyone else ?

Beyond this... life is simple. I find it funny how
complicated life gets for people who follow a set of
beliefs intended to make their lives easier.

I guess you could call me wiccan in my philosophy. "Do what
you will, just don't hurt anyone else." But then again...
that is just one of many pieces to the Wiccan faith. I have
a few wiccan friends and I love their basic philosophies.
As for me, I am happy to remain secular humanist agnostic.
Involved in faith just enough to believe, and be skeptical
just enough to avoid being owned.

As Bchya Ibn Pakuda says, "Days are scrolls: write on them
only what you want remembered."

I live each day as if it is part of a living history. Here
lately, amidst historical attacks and extreme
nationalistic ignorance, a living history is basically the
way we all live our lives. I want to be able to remember my
past and be able to relate it to others without having to
color code it or hide intimate details. Basically, when I
say "I am open-minded", I mean it. My life IS an open book
and I hope those who read it enjoy it. If they don't then
it is truly their interpretation and not my fault.

Ok.. I have expanded upon Voltaire enough for one entry. I
will have plenty of time to explain the joys and tragedies
of my life.

Until then...