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2012-08-01 07:12:12 (UTC)

Very Difficult

Things have turned for the worse. My wife has now taken off her rings. When I saw this my stomach turned and I just had to go and sleep…..eventually I had no choice but to tell my parents about the current state of affairs….they were very understanding….I kept on saying it was my fault and I mentioned 2 main things I did to hurt her….how I had (professional) arrangements to satisfy my sexual ogres and how I used my credit cards to embark on by trading business which lost me money. That is enough to make any woman angry…..but I just worry that are reaction is increasingly becoming irrational….my biggest task ever is now how I will tell my pastor in church….I have been advised by my parents and wife’s older brother (my mum told him) that I have to tell our pastor…..it is going to be very difficult to be in front of him and say all the bad things I have done….very difficult…