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2012-07-31 21:32:04 (UTC)

Schedule .

sooo i got my highschool schedule and ig i like my classes . lol . its not bad i mean ..so heres first and second semester:

1st Semester :

Computer Appl
Earth&Space Sci
Journalism NP
Secndry PE Girls
English 09 II
Lunch/Channel 1
Jesus and Scripture
Algebra 1 (9) II

2nd Semester :

Jesus & Relationships
Earth&Space Sci
Health & Wellness
Secndry PE Girls
English 09 II
Channel 1/Lunch
Textiles and Fashion Tech
Algebra 1 (9) II

So yeah , im okay with that schedule . it works . lol . (: after i got my schedule , i was less nervous ..and i have classes with Alyssa , Taylor , Mark , Spencer , Jordon , Maggie , Brooke , and thats all ik right now but that is good enough for me ! lol . (:

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