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2012-07-31 00:05:46 (UTC)

New place. Quiet but a little lonely

So here I am. In my new place.I had a housewarming and invited my group and some friends from work. Of course, I had to invite the smart-hottie. She's nice and she's from Lithuania. Had a great time.

Last weekend, I entered my dart tourney in San Jose. I had a blast. Our team took third place. Somehow it lit me up inside and my darts are now flying high. I'm going to roll up in my rating for sure. :)

I still have to unpack a bunch of stuff here. I'm really pushing my budget but like I said earlier, wtf? I'd rather do this than save money and stay in a small room. It saved me money but it drove me nuts staying there.

I have to confess that I'm a little pissed off. The ex said I'd see the kiddos today but once again, it didn't happen. No calls as usual and I didn't even try to call. I now the ex was and is still full of shit. Some things never change but it still hurts even though I know what the ex was going to most likely do.

So now that there isn't a homeless guy walking around the house eating my food drinking my beer, I have some quiet time to myself. The mind wanders and I look towards the future and try to reflect back on the past year. What have I done so far? I managed to get back on my feet financially for a little while then the ex's medical bills just fucked it up for me.

Tonight sucks. A little depressed maybe and tough as I am since I've been through so much, I surprise myself that I can feel this way. That's what happens when you don't get laid. lol

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