The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2012-07-30 20:26:08 (UTC)

Survival 101

Today i don't think i really worked, I mean I did, but it was all in a in the hell did I accomplish that? I mean I didn't want it to be Monday at work because these are the shittiest days and there was TONS of paperwork to do but when I looked up at the clock it was already 1:40p, the joys of being the house manager? I don't know!
I guess I can't complain then!
Some shit is going down at work and it's like three different things.
Funny how i lost sleep last night because of the one, but the other two things were found out today and my mind was/is spinning with emails and shit!
I hate being in charge sometimes because then it is I that has to answer for everything!
Once again I looked online for work! WTH there really isn't anything out there! Shit maybe I should try a fast food place!
Customers aren't ALWAYS right you know!
Anywho, I'm about to get off this for a bit and go take a power nap and try not to think about what tomorrow might bring because after all, we are not promised it anyways! So if I feel like mouthing off more then I will write more before bed!
Thanks for the feedback from two readers it means a ton to know that someone actually reads my shit and possibly can relate to some of my craziness!

Til Next Time,

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