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2012-07-30 16:33:50 (UTC)

Girls are crazy

Ok so i work at a restaurant downtown that seats around 400 people. I am the hostess at this restaurant. And when every table fills up they come to me to start setting up the line up and organize things at the front. So this weekend surprisingly there were 5 hostess girls. on a crazy night they'll only give me 3 never 5 so i was pleasently surpirised. Here i am thinking..."this will be easy!" these girls are pros!(ive worked there the longest to know which girls are good at doing what and i had the fun group)but last night half of them ended up fighting and being catty with eachother because of a dumb mis dumb. in the end i pulled my girls through and we all celebrated that night by having some fun drinks at the bar afterwards.

all the girls are gorgoues and hilarious
Abby-- (a doll, but such a stoner!!! and loves to shes a complete ditz but is AMAZING at her job)

Veronika----From her appearance she looks like a complete princess and very prim and proper, with her small frame, long hair and huge doll eyes one would assume shes "prissy" but shes not! shes fiesty, obsessed with guns, wants to join the military and drinks and smokes like a 40 yr old! ( shes extremely organized and does her job at control ppl and telling them to F%ck off in the sweetest way possible)

Camille: long gorgous locks that i am soooo jealous of, has a wicked easy to make her laugh and can be miss america if she ever wanted to...and had a bit of height to her as well. Shes a doll but with brains. Rlly good at everything pretty much but gets pissed very fast if she does things for a while. Her nickname should be firecracker

Maggie: the asian doll studying to be a lawyer is hilarious and loves to flirt with anything! shes also a fire cracker cause she does tend to blow up if she gets stressed to much. But coming from her its always hilarious. She looooves to overshare her stories...and the girls got some kinkiness that she randomly tells us. its always hilarious when she does this.