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2012-07-28 19:30:45 (UTC)

Cast is off, girl time on!

My cast has finally been taken off! But guess what??? The brake was sooooo bad, that I don't get to play soccer! For a MONTH! And for the whole entire weekend my dad has to drive an hour to get to this soccer class that lasts 10 hours!!! All to be my coach!!! :-( I feel so bad! And so does mom, because we are going to drop him off then have the best day at Nashville ever, then pick up daddy and have to best dinner ever! Just us three!!! I love being the "only child" Evan stays home all day and plays video games, while I go out and do the fun stuff. But I guess that just makes Evan happy! It makes me happy too!!!

Now that my cast is off and I can't play soccer, I'm focusing on a triatholanthat is in September! It will be my third! I think Evan is doing the same one, and my goal is to kick his butt! Cause kicking a highschooler's butt by a little seventh grader who is a girl must be awesome!!!