my life as shantay
2012-07-28 03:37:41 (UTC)

once was lost now im found

Wow so its amazing that i havent written in here since 2010 but u know after i was hiding out for a while from michael hillz i totally forgot about my diary and ive missed it sooo much but now im back and ill be makin more entrys but these wont be as childish and confusing as my others. But i have some baad news i was raped like a year ago by him and sinced that my life has changed forrever i have a beauyiful little girl and i named her angel because she is my little angel and i know that she didnt come about in a good way but i still love her alot. My dumb old mother wanted me to abort it but i kept it and at first i didnt know what to do but after it was born i realized it was the best decison i ever made and now i have someone that actually loves me consistenly and i always felt unloved but now i can see the light and im happy with my life.also im still dating james and i love him sosososo much words cant explain. And i love that he loves my angel and acts like her fath and i love him for that i never want to let him go because i love hid tooo damn much.(if you are confused read older entries)