Lost Soul

~This Crazy Life Of Mine~
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2012-07-27 07:25:09 (UTC)

~So Tired!~

I'm so tired. I mean this in a few different ways... I'm sleepy tired and tired of life. Just so tired. If its not one thing its another. Just once I wish I could fall asleep and wake up happy. Not have to worry about anything and be able to enjoy life. Enjoy myself and them around me. But hell if that will ever happy... I want so bad to close my eyes and sleep but can't fall asleep. Sounds stupid right. Been sitting here doing nothing for the past 2 hours you'd think I'd be tired.... Anyway, I'm done rambling now I'm gonna try and get some shut eye... Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Very doubtful thou. But one can always hope... Good Night....

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