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2012-07-27 06:09:06 (UTC)

What a day....

Yesterday was a really crappy day!!! OMG yesterday being the 26th that is. The kid wasn't listening. The dog was being a real pain in the ass! And I was on edge all day. I'm not sure why but I was. Then to make things ever better, doesn't the dog chew up the phone cord! Thank god grandma had one she's letting us use until we can get a new one! I don't know if I can take much more of his chewing and bad behavior much longer! I love him to death but he's chewing everything up! He's costing us more money then anything! But I'm scared that if we get rid of him he'll go to someone who don't understand his condition and get rid of him without me knowing it or something stupid like that. Anyway,

I'm worried about the shit that's going down with the ex husband now too. We got into a big fight and we didn't say good night or anything and he sent me a text message yesterday but I didn't talk to him because I'm still a lil upset at what he said. I know he prolly didn't mean it the way he said it but still. I'm a full time fucking mother who gets up with HIS SON EVERY MORNING and is down with him every night. So where does he get off saying and I " "I work but to someone who sleeps all day its not late" WTF! It was a stupid conversation to start with. We were talking about when he was going to be home cuz he's out of town on a job and wasn't going to be home until 5ish. Well a few days before he told me this he told me it wasn't going to be until late, late. Well late, late your thinking 9-10ish right?? Well not to him. Because when people work its 5 being late, late. But whatever. Stupid right!?? I think so! Well Christopher is home now so its time to put Rj in bed and wait for the man to get out of the shower so we can cuddle. Tonight seems like a much needed night/morning for that! I really hate these late nights when he gets home! He's always so tired to talk or do much of anything. And theses are the nights when I need him more then ever!