Diary of Naomi
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2012-07-27 03:04:54 (UTC)

Haha! Not so funny dad -.-"

So we where at the supermarket, and my dad was in this mood.. mm Do you know when they think they're the funniest people in the world? Yes, exactly that mood. So he was joking a lot! And by "a lot" I mean a BIG LOT.

The last thing he did was, well we where at the supermarket and I started to check some headphones (I really need a pair!) but the I said "Oh no, I'll do it another day dad", he smiled and said "Oh no sweetheart, go check your headphones, I'll check those TVs"

Alright everything ok, "Oh no this one is too expensive, mm nah! this one looks very cheap, ok I'm done dad!" and I just saw he was not there! Suddenly I started to look for him in every and each place... Oh gosh I was really scared!, and I forgot I had my phone! so I called him "DAD! Where the heck are you!" .. "Or where am I? well, I'm at... wxqzcxzqf!" And he hung the phone! Can you believe it? I found him an hour later! IT WAS NOT FUNNY!

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