Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2012-07-26 03:30:30 (UTC)

Clutter head; Clutter room

I've been feeling very anxious the last several days and it's breaking me down. I can't get into work, I can't take the subway... but I did it anyways.

Today was a bad anxiety day, but I made it to work and lasted 8 hours. I'm proud of myself for not running back home.

When I got home after work I took a nap that lasted almost 3 hours. With anxiety, when you become anxious for several hours and later calm down from it, your body gets exhausted. It's an emotional and physical. And inside it's pain.

Today I decided to clean the clutter in my room. I figured if I feel good about my room, then I'll feel good about myself. I organized my bookshelf and folded my laundry that has been sitting in the laundry basket. My room look a bit better. I still need to organize my other shelf and start making room for my books/binders for when I return back to school this fall.

I'm getting really nervous about going back to school, but it's something that I really really want to do. I've had doubts about quitting, but my will to learn is stronger.

I know I'll feel better tomorrow.