2012-06-15 22:16:45 (UTC)


Because you could've fucking at least told me something before I went searching for you for a good fucking hour and look like a dumbass when jiggy tells me to stop because you didn't report to advisory today. I put off a couple of graduates and several freshmen and so many upperclassmen because I thought you were genuinely sad and I wanted to make your day. More than half of them has already left before I could return their requests, which ate at me because I thought it would be worth you signing first, at least. But you're having the fucking time of your life now so I guess that doesn't matter. And the worst part about it is I love you so fucking much and I'm so frustrated that I can't be pissed off at you which makes me even more pissed off at you!! I came home with crushed hopes, so I hope your trip is fucking fantastic.

What I sent him the last day of school.

I love everyone, I miss everyone, and I feel useless.