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2012-07-25 07:48:44 (UTC)

Love Frustrations

I'm really aggravated with the way Theo has been treating me lately. He stays up all night and sleeps all day, then blames me because we never talk. He says I care more about work than I do about him. He asked me to send him some dirty pictures yesterday morning, so I did so yesterday evening in the hopes that he would call me and we could have phone sex. I've been asking him for that, but he hasn't given it to me lately. He said I was so sexy and when I replied that I was glad he liked the pictures, I never got another response from him. He texted me around 1:30 this morning saying someone had moved his phone and he hadn't found it till then. By that time of course I was asleep like any normal person would be. Not that he tried calling me or anything, which would have most likely awoken me. Yeah, I don't text him a whole lot during the day, but it's only because it feels pointless since he's always asleep, or not by his phone, or with his friends. He just told me he hasn't had a second to himself except when I'm at work... like it's all MY fault. It makes me sick to my stomach. He's being so manipulative acting like the whole reason we don't talk anymore is because I have a job. He's 20. He should get a fucking job himself. He should tell his friends to leave him alone at night, so he can call me. He shouldn't sleep all day. He shouldn't be starting his third year at a TWO YEAR COLLEGE. Why am I dating this guy? Why do I hurt myself so much? I know where I want to go. He doesn't have a clue what he wants to do with his life. Why am I wasting time on such a fucking LOSER? He says I would understand if I were ever there, but I think he should be able to use his words to explain why his friends wont give him 20 minutes to himself in the evening to call his girlfriend. The one he says he wants to be with forever. The one he says he loves. Fuck this shit, I have work to do. I have money to EARN. Money that isn't GIVEN to me by my parents. He's waited on hand and foot by his mother. Oh I don't know why I take this! I'm such an idiot.