2012-07-25 04:49:42 (UTC)

My boy

okay, so the guy I like, who started talking to me first an told me he liked me first, hasnt talked to me in forever. I know you're busy with work an your family, but how hard is it to just send a quick text? I don't understand. you're amazing to me when we talk but then you practically ignore me for days? it breaks my heart. I fell for you so damn fast and just like that you're gone. you don't care.. obviously. and I'm so sick of crying for the same reason, but I can't stop, it hurts too much. especially because I trusted you. I freaking fell for you and you can just ignore me like I'm dirt? like I'm nothing? I don't get how you can do that to me if you really like me as much as you said you did. I could never do it to you. I just need something from you, anything. please, anything. i can't be strong much longer, I'm going to relapse and cut myself again. I'm going to stop believing in the goodness of others. why the hell do I have to be this soft hearted person? why can't I have this wall around my heart like everyone else? am I meant to be heartbroken all the time? I can't take it anymore.

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