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2012-07-24 01:50:09 (UTC)

This will be sad... :-(

Right now I'm in Arkansas, If you didn't know I'm from Tennessee, visiting my grandma. She lives in a paradise called hotsprings village. She has a lake right behind her house, and she has a moter boat. I just got back from a mani-peti at wal-mart(isn't it the greatest store ever??? ;-) ) I just heard that my great uncle don is coming over for dinner. He is 86! My great aunt Dar died a couple of months ago, she was my grandma's sister... LAST sister. My grandma was from the depression and was one of at least five to seven kids. I never got to meet my grandpa, he died of cancer. :'-( :'-(
Uncle don is barely making it through, so evan(my brother) and I are barely allowed to talk. I'm a little scared to see uncle don, grandma said he is barely eating!!! What is he is just a bag of bones!!!!


Anyways, I'm actually getting my cast off in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will be awesome!!! And maybe , before school starts, I could have-
uh-oh.... my dad is um... upset....
Any ways (yep, thats how me and my brother have to say because we are used to him exploding, we just sit down, shut up, and do NOTHING!!!) ANYWAYS, I am so excited to go bike riding with radey!!!!


Wish me luck with uncle don!!! <:-(