Lots of Questions.
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2012-07-22 17:44:45 (UTC)

It's alright.

How many times do I have to persuade myself that everything will be alright when I know it's not gonna be.
I'm tired of it
i'm tired of telling people i'm ok
i'm tired of pretending i'm ok
i'm tired of pretending that I am one of them!

why the hell am i doing this?!

because it would be harder if i don't.........
i have no more energy to change the world to change the minds of people around me even when i know that they are so WRONG about everything!
i'm not Gandhi not Mother Theresa

yet deep down in my heart i wanted everything to change.
i want to influence people
i want them to not be so childish
i want them to see that how bad our generation is getting

I want things that are hard to get.
so i decided to keep all this to my own and only tell those people who really wanted to know.

dear God
please help me

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