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2012-07-20 15:32:25 (UTC)

Let the Good Times Roll

11 July 2012
My mother, grandmother, and Aunt Lydia are coming into town today. It will be my grandmother’s birthday on the 16th so they are celebrating this weekend with cousin Liz in the Woodlands and came early so that my mom and I can go to the IRS to begin to have my financial situation resolved for college. I wouldn’t need to be taking off of work to spend the day in line at the IRS if it weren’t for my mother of course. If she had filled out the FAFSA properly I would have gotten all of the paperwork submitted in plenty of time. Now here I am scrambling to prove my non-filer status. I’ve never even had a job up until the past month - I have never filed taxes before! It’s a real downer when I realize that the core of all my stress comes from money issues - caused by my mother. I feel like I shouldn’t have to worry about money when I’m 18 and taking on my first real job. The stress was just compounded by my mother and her plot to dominate me for as long as possible culminating in the Attorney General’s office (Child Support) doing a garnishment on my dad’s bank account and my new checking and savings accounts (since he was linked to them as co-signer). We had absolutely no money and I lost around $2500, which my mother has yet to pay me back for. She signed me up for two new accounts with USAA and put $400 in checking and $100 in savings, and also had me get a credit card with USAA. I don’t really trust the accounts, so I opened checking and savings accounts with Chase. Now suddenly within less than two months of getting my first bank accounts ever, I have somehow ended up with 3 checking accounts, 3 savings accounts, and my first credit card. The debit cards and credit cards have yet to come in the mail, so I still am only relying on the petty cash I had in my wallet when my accounts were emptied. For my benefit no less. Woohoo. Thanks mom. Now where’s my money?