worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2001-10-10 05:26:53 (UTC)

what i deserve, what i need

i stand before you. "Strip" you command. i begin to remove
my clothes. "Do you know why you must be naked?" Because i
am not worthy of wearing clothes. i am a slut, i am
worthless, i am lower than a dog. "Very good." i stand
before you naked and vulnerable. You circle around me
eyeing my entire body while i stare at the floor. "Kneel."
i obey. You reach for two harsh nipple clamps. "Do you want
to wear these?" Yes. "Why?" Because i am a painslut and
crave pain. "What else?" i am a worthless painslut and my
suffering is inconsequential. "Beg me." Please hurt me.
Please humiliate me. i need it and deserve it and will
thank you for it. i am yours to use and abuse. Be cruel,
not kind. Offer no mercy as i seek and deserve none. "Very
well." You attach the clamps and i cringe for a second at
the welcomed pain. Thank you. "What do you want?" More.

i crawl on the hardwood floors while you strike my exposed
ass repeatedly with a thick leather strap. "Crawl slave.
Crawl dog. Crawl you worthless slut. Tell me you love this.
Tell me you need it. Crawl like the worthless pain-loving
bitch whore you are." i crawl. i love it. You spank me hard
and without mercy, vicious. i crawl for your amusement,
endless until you get bored. "Stop." i freeze. "Roll over
dog." i roll over and lie on my back for you, automatically
opening my legs wide exposing myself to you. "Tell me what
you need." i need you to torture my pussy; my body is
aching for it. You comply. You attach a clamp to my clit. i
again cringe but do not cry out. You produce a massive
dildo designed only to hurt. Its surface is rough almost
like the bark of a tree. You begin to ram it inside of me
repeatedly until i am crying. i do not ask you to stop; not
that you would.

"Let's play a game slave." i am kneeling before you, my
hands behind my head and legs spread. i love your games.
They are sadistic and cruel and torturous in every possible
way. Usually they include some form of self-torture. Often
i have to decide what punishments to endure or make
impossible choices as to how i shall suffer. Yes, let's
play. You decide on a game of trivia. "The rules are: when
you answer a question wrong, I whip your pussy 5 times with
the cane; when you answer a question right, I whip your ass
5 times with the cane." Yes, this is a good game. After 50
questions your arm is sore from whipping me and you decide
it is time for a new game. Still trivia but different
rules. "This time i will add weights to your nipple-clamps
everytime you get a question right and make you do jumping-
jacks with them on everytime you get one wrong. The games
doesn't end until I run out of weights." Another good game.
i so enjoy being forced to perform acts that will hurt and
degrade myself. You laugh and smile as i torture my tits. i
fear i may rip my tits off before the games ends. But, as
always, i do not quit and finish the game.

When we eat you cum on my food before i am allowed to
consume it. You piss in my drink before i can swallow a
drop. You throw your leftovers on the floor for me to lap
up like a dog. Every so often to stop my eating so that i
can piss in my own drink, shove a carrot up my pussy or ass
before i eat it, and beat my nipples with a long wooden
spoon. Thank you. i need the humiliation. Give me more.

You are tired of playing and send me to stand in a corner
while you watch TV. After a while i am permitted to get on
my hands and knees so you can use my back as a foot
rest. "Have you enjoyed our evening together?" Yes. You
smack my ass hard. "Wrong answer. It doesn't matter if you
enjoyed it or not you worthless fuck. Only my enjoyment
matters." i am sorry. You are right, of course. "As
punishment go tie some long weights to your nipple-clamps
and drag them along the floor behind you as you crawl
around the room pushing an egg from one wall to the other
with your nose." Yes, this is a good punishment for me. i
obey. i drag the weights from my tits as i push the egg.
Humiliated and in pain, i know you are not even watching.

It's bedtime. "Time for your spanking naughty girl." i bend
over the chair as you attach my nipples to the bars along
the back of it. If i try to stand up my tits will suffer
for it. You get the long cold wooden paddle. "Why must we
do this every night slave?" Because i should never sleep in
comfort. Because i must constantly be reminded that my life
is pain. Because it pleases you. Because i am a worthless
painslut. "Correct." You raise the paddle and bring it
crashing down on my ass. Thank you, may i have another.
Again. Over and over. Harder. Endless. Thank you.

You tuck me into bed. My mouth is gagged wide open. My legs
are tied wide apart with a spreader. A fat plug is filling
my ass. A pair of panties are shoved deep into my pussy;
tomorrow i will suck them dry for breakfast. Clamps hold my
pussy lips tightly together. My tits are bound with ropes,
chains and tape and attached to my clit so that any
movement causes me severe pain. My arms are tied high above
my head so that i cannot scratch and itch, turn on a light,
or escape. You drip some wax on my chest, stomach, and
thighs before placing some ice-cubes on my body to melt as
i sleep. Good night. Pleasant dreams.