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my submissive life
2012-07-20 00:48:52 (UTC)

Week Twelve

Monday AM:
You must learn to accept pain and humiliation as a regular part of your life. At all times you must remember that you are a slut, a submissive, and a pig. Today you will suck on your adult pacifier while driving to and from work. Countless people will see you and think you are silly, ridiculous, and a deviant. You may not remove it from your mouth until your car is fully parked in front of your office or house. If your co-workers or neighbors see you, that is your problem.

Monday PM:
Take your big, wooden hairbrush and paddle your right ass cheek, the back of your right thigh, and your right inner thigh. Paddle each area 15 times and repeat the paddling every hour between now and when you go to bed. Make sure to do it hard and only on the right side. I want you feeling uneven and off balance in your pain.

Tuesday AM:
Again you will suck on your pacifier while driving to and from work. However, today you will also suck on it for lunch. No food for lunch. You will close the door to your office, sit at your desk, and suck on the pacifier for the entire lunch hour. Contemplate how ridiculous you look and what your co-workers and boss would think of you if they walked in and saw you.

Tuesday PM:
Tonight you will torture just your left nipple. Put a clover clamp on your nipple and leave it there for 15 minutes. Remove it and leave it off for 15 minutes. Then put a plastic clothespin on the same nipple and leave it there for another 15 minutes. Continue this all night, alternating between the clothespin and the clover clamp at 15 minute intervals on just your left nipple. The pain should increase to excruciating levels as the night goes on. You should be in tears by the time you go to bed.

Wednesday AM:
You may not sit at all while at work today. You can stand or kneel on the floor in front of your desk to work. You may keep the door to your office closed, but under no circumstances may you sit down. Standing or kneeling only.

Wednesday PM:
You will return to paddling your right ass cheek. You will use your hairbrush and paddle just your right ass cheek. You will paddle it 20 times every hour between now and bedtime. Go to bed at 10pm. Set your alarm for every 2 hours – midnight, 2am, 4am, and 6am. You will wake every 2 hours and paddle your right ass cheek 30 times before returning to bed. At 6am, you will paddle it 40 times before getting ready for work. By my calculations, that will be 230 hits to your ass! You should be badly bruised and hurting.

Thursday AM:
You may not sit on any soft surfaces today. Put something hard on your driver’s seat while driving to and from work, like a book or a cutting board. At work, do the same thing with your office chair or trade it in for a wooden-seated chair. No cushioning at all is allowed. You will get the full effect of the punishment to your one ass cheek.

Thursday PM:
Put your clover clamp back on your left nipple. Leave it there for 15 minutes, then take it off for 15 minutes, then back on for 15 and off for 15. Once you are nice and sore, the real fun begins. Every half hour until bedtime you can choose to either torture your left nipple or your right ass cheek. Every half hour you must either wear the clamp on your left nipple for 15 minutes, or paddle your right ass cheek 15 times. You may alternate back and forth as much as you like, but every half hour either your nipple or ass cheek will suffer. Embrace the pain.

Friday AM:
If you want to avoid further torture to your tender areas, you must earn it. Bring a pen and notebook to work with you. Write the following sentence – “This pathetic pig-slut humbly begs for mercy, Sir.” If you can find time during your busy work day to write the sentence 1,000 times, you will be spared further torture to your nipple and ass cheek this weekend. If not, they will be hurt a great deal more. Lines with mistakes, such as words crossed out, will not be counted. At 5pm sharp, stop any writing and count the completed lines.

Friday afternoon:
On your way home from work today you have some shopping to do…
1. Stop at a grocery store and buy the following items (not one item more or less) – 2 large cucumbers, a jar of Vaseline, and a box of condoms.
2. Go to a pet supply store – first select a large dog collar and make sure it fits you by putting it around your neck. Next select a large rubber bone. Then find a sales associate and ask him if he knows of any dog treats that are fit for human consumption. Push him on the topic until you get him to recommend something. Purchase it and the bone and collar. If anyone asks what kind of dog you have, admit that you do not own one.
3. Go to another grocery store and buy the following items – a large jar of peanut butter, a set of rubber gloves, two boxes of laxatives, and a 12 pack of toilet paper.
4. Go to yet another grocery store and buy the following items – an enema kit, a large box of adult diapers, and a bag of clothespins.
You may notice these purchases are designed to be as humiliating as possible. You must save all the receipts so I can review them and make sure you didn’t cheat.

When you get home you will prepare yourself for bed. You may not use the bathroom and you may not eat. You will drink an entire 32 ounce bottle of water. You will display all of your purchases and receipts on the dining room table, along with your notebook. You will strip. You will use a permanent marker and write “PIG” across your forehead and “FAT” across your stomach in large letters. You will put on one of the adult diapers. You will put your pacifier in your mouth and keep it there. You will crawl under your dining room table. From under the table, take rope and wrap it around the outer legs of the table several times and tie it off. The end result should turn the table into a cage for you. You will remain in it until I arrive tomorrow. You may not leave for any reason. If you have to piss, that’s what the diaper is for. You will leave it on regardless. You will keep the pacifier in your mouth. You will not bring your phone, a book, or anything else into the cage to amuse you. The boredom should help you focus on your bladder, you helplessness, and your degradation. Tomorrow you will have the chance to thank me for your pain and humiliation.

I don’t know how long I was in my cage before my Dom arrived. The sun had been up for quite a while and I had soiled my diaper. I felt disgusting. I was also very hungry and bored. Eventually I heard the front door open. He took his time coming into the dining room. And even then he ignored me and spent several minutes analyzing the receipts and purchases from yesterday. He finally bent down to look at me in my cage. He held up his camera and snapped several pictures of me to preserve my humiliation – in my cage, diapered, sucking on a pacifier, with FAT and PIG scrawled across my body.

“Hello piggy. How was your night? Oh, you can spit out the pacifier to answer my question.”

“Not good, Sir.”

“Not good? I go to all the trouble to think up this wonderful idea for you and you don’t appreciate it? Perhaps I should just leave you in there the rest of the weekend so you learn to appreciate it. Is that what you want?”

“No, Sir.”

“No? Then you better demonstrate some freaking appreciation right now.”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir. Thank you for devising this wonderful cage for me, Sir. Thank you for allowing me to humiliate myself for you during my shopping trip yesterday, Sir. And thank you for letting me suffer for you all night, Sir.”

“That’s better. You should always remember that your discomfort, pain, humiliation, and suffering bring me pleasure. And your pleasure comes from pleasing me. Isn’t that right, slut?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Cause you are going to spend the whole weekend pleasing me. Now, did my filthy piggy mess herself during the night?”

“Yes, Sir.” He shook his head disapprovingly and untied my cage. I was finally allowed to crawl out of my cage and remove my diaper. I was given 5 minutes to use the bathroom and clean myself up. I crawled back to my Dom.

“Is piggy hungry?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well, it looks like you did well on your shopping trip yesterday. For being a good little piggy, you get a treat.” With that, he held out one of the dog treats I purchased yesterday. “Eat up.” I was hungry but not really eager to eat a dog treat. I hesitated. “Is something wrong?” I could tell from his tone that I was already in trouble.

“Up on your knees and face me.” I obeyed. He slapped me hard across the face, then again on the other cheek. “Now listen closely. You better start obeying me or this is going to be an extremely unpleasant weekend for you. When I tell you to do something, you do it or you will be hurting like you can’t imagine. These dog treats are a reward and you will get them every time I think you earned one. You will eat them. They are a reward because you won’t be getting any other food from me today. That’s why they are a reward, because otherwise you will be going hungry. So you will eat them when I give them to you and you will thank me for them afterwards. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” Another hard slap across the face. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“That’s better. Now, would you like your treat?”

“Yes, Sir.” He held it out and I ate it out of his hand. It tasted terrible and I almost gagged while eating it. I managed to swallow it down. “Thank you, Sir.”

After eating my dog treat, my Dom reviewed my notebook from yesterday. “Should I bother counting? Did you come close to 1,000 lines?”

“No, Sir.”

“You know what that means, don’t you?”

I fell to the floor at his feet. “Please, Sir! Please no more. I am still so sore. My nipple and ass can’t take anymore. Look at how bruised I am. Please, have mercy, Sir!”

“Get up you dumb bitch! Up on your knees and put your hands behind your head. Don’t fucking move.” He reached out and grabbed my left nipple, pinching and twisting it. I was immediately crying out in pain. “Shut the fuck up. You had the chance to earn a reprieve and you failed. Now you will stay on your knees and suffer for me. I love hearing you cry and see you squirm in pain. Come on my fat little piggy pain-slut, squeal for me.”

He continued torturing my nipple and I continued sobbing and begging him to stop. Eventually he eased up. “Now listen up cunt. I will leave your pathetic nipple alone, as long as you demonstrate some real obedience. If at any time today you disobey me, or even hesitate to obey me, this little nipple will pay a severe penalty. Understand, slut?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“Good. Now get your face to the floor and show me how much you appreciate my mercy by licking my shoes clean.” I eagerly obeyed.

The rest of the day my Dom spent feeding me dog treats and forcing me to degrade and abuse myself under the threat of more nipple torture. After licking his shoes clean, he sat down, took off his shoes and socks, and had me lick and suck his feet. Knowing my aversion to feet, this was a particular treat to him and he ordered me to do an extremely thorough job. He next watched as I paddled my previously spared left ass cheek so that it matched the ache and bruising of the right one. He ordered me to fuck myself with a huge dildo until I was close to climaxing, then stop and suck it clean, and then whip my aching pussy. This process he had me do repeatedly until I was both begging to cum and to spare my pussy. He knew he could push me further than usual because of the fear I had about hurting my nipple more.

“Have you been enjoying your doggie treats, piggy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. I’ll save some for you to bring to work with you to eat as snacks next week. For now I think you earned a real treat.” He handed me a spoon and the jar of peanut butter. “Eat up.”

I eagerly ate a few spoonfuls of the delicious treat. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Keep going.” I had a few more.

“Thank you again, Sir.”

“Keep going.”

“Um, I’m good for now, Sir.”

“Oh, I really don’t think you are. You just disobeyed me. What does that mean?”

“Uh, no, I – I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll keep eating.”

“Stop! You will do as you are fucking told. What does it mean that you disobeyed me? What happens now? Answer me!”

Meekly, “you’re going to torture my nipple, Sir.”

“You’re damn right I am. Get me your clover clamp and some weights.” Terrified, but not wanting to anger him further, I did as instructed. He took them and roughly attached the clamp to my incredibly sore nipple and hung two heavy weights from it. I screamed. “Oh, does that hurt? Do you want it off?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“No problem. As soon as that jar is empty, I’ll take the clamp off.” I looked at him and the seemingly huge jar of peanut butter. “That’s right piggy. Slop down that whole jar of thick, rich, creamy peanut butter. Until it’s empty, the pain continues.”

I cried and reached for the spoon again. The movement of picking up the jar hurt. I was in agony. I started eating. I started gagging. I wasn’t allowed any water to wash it down. I could only eat slowly and I was in too much pain. My stomach began to hurt and I was nauseous. I looked at my Dom and saw no mercy in his eyes. He was enjoying watching me suffer. I didn’t think I would be able to finish. I wanted to vomit but I feared what the repercussions would be. After an eternity in hell, the jar was empty.

He inspected the jar and finally removed the clamp. I screamed as the blood rushed back to my aching nipple. Everything hurt and I was sobbing heavily. “Maybe one day if you don’t look like such a fat pig, I won’t have to continue treating you like one. Now go stand with your nose in the corner and compose yourself. The day is almost over.” I did.

Sometime later my Dom called me back to him. “How’s your stomach?”

“It hurts, Sir. I feel sick.”

“A pig like you is probably used to that. Take these and drink all of this.” He handed me two pills and large glass of whole milk. My stomach churned. I recognized the pills as the laxatives I bought yesterday. Oh no. I took the pills but had a hard time drinking all the milk. I was stuffed and feeling very sick. “Now put on one of the adult diapers.” I groaned but obeyed. This wasn’t good.

“I’ve put some plastic on the floor under your dining room table, where you’ll be sleeping again. You will keep the diaper on all night; the plastic is just in case you have an accident. The dog treats, peanut butter, milk and laxatives should make for a fun night. You will stay in your make-shift cage until morning, wearing your diaper, and sucking on your pacifier. You may not leave, take off the diaper, or shower until the alarm I set goes off tomorrow morning. Understand?”

I knew this was going to be extremely unpleasant. I wanted to ask him not to do this to me, but I was still in pain and afraid. “Yes, Sir.” I crawled into my cage and he retied the rope around the table legs.

“After the alarm goes off in the morning, you may exit and clean yourself up. You will email me and describe to me in detail how your night was. You will put on another diaper and wear it all day until bedtime. You will sit at the dining room table and write ‘This pathetic pig-slut is grateful for the pain and humiliation she is permitted to endure, Sir.’ You will write it the full 1,000 times. If you have soiled the diaper, you may remove it before going to be. If you haven’t, you will sleep in the diaper until the following morning. Any questions?”

“No, Sir.” With that, he left me to continue my suffering and humiliation alone.