Fallen from Grace
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2012-07-18 19:12:31 (UTC)

Very eventful.

Well today was a very eventful day. I got up at 7:45 this morning. I had a good sleep so I woke up got dressed and snuck out the house. I found the house keys I lost last night. It was looking good. By 8 I was getting on the bus. 9:05 I pulled I got downtown to the bus terminal. I was in and out of the pretrial release office by 9:15. I walked 3 blocks up to Burger king where my friend sherell works said hi got my free drink and continued down the street to see my job tip lady. We talked and I left out at 10 I was in no hurry my bus pass was good til 12:20. Upon leaving from her office I noticed my stalker Troy. I was not surprised when came up to me and hugged me and then tried to kiss me. I leaned out of his kiss. He told me I needed to come to his place he needed to talk to me. I politely declined. He comensed to tell he still in love with me and I am his and blah blah. I remained cool. I simply told him my heart and soul is taken. I have 0 interest in him. He pulled a knife on me and said I was coming with him. I grabbed at the knife and cut myself on my Elbow but he dropped the blade. I threw myself on the knife so I couldn't get it. He grabbed me and if I can't have you no one can. I had an idea of if I match his psyco he would back off. I cut myself on purpose an licked the blade. Say what you want it worked. Security came running to my aid. 15 minutes later I'm on a bus home. Bleeding barely and other wise. So like an hour later we are by my house and the lady I had been talking to told me the bus didn't go the way I needed to home. I got off cut across a big parking lot where a bus was. I ran almost 2 blocks to catch the bus. Turns out its the same bus I just got off of and yes it did go by my house. Thanks grandma LOL. After pouring salt in the wounds I took a long bath. I needed me time. My day was nuts but so is my life. Funny looking back on my day.