Fallen from Grace
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2012-07-18 18:28:53 (UTC)

Window to the soul

A great man once said: The eye is a window that overviews the soul. A window that leads you to what a persons deepest and most intimate aspects of ones self. Passions and insecurities. Desires as well as fears. If you looked into my eyes you'd see my voids of loneliness, scars of rejection and betrayal. I do not know many people who want to take that journey. At times I am insecure and a bit skidish. I am sure Amanda's eyes are full of the same. I have her in my phone as Pandora. I told her about being listed as such. She was upset with me. She said why Pandora was the destroyer of worlds? According to legend Pandora was (to make a long story short) the reason hope is in the world. Amanda is my Pandora for a simple reason... She is my source of hope. I do not think she would be mad about it.

Today I came to house and decided hmmm... I need some serious ME time. I went to the bathroom and cleaned out my wounds I substained today. (I got in a fist fight with my stalker. He was mad I didn't want to be with him and pulled a knife on me. We fought and I cut myself in the struggle). I ran some water in the tub, took off my clothes, turned Enigma on and closed the door. I reached over and turned the light off and eased into the comforting embrace of the water. It was nice a single scented candle was the rooms only illumination and I just relaxed to the music. I must of been laying there a half hour and for the brief breath in time I enjoyed being alone and the solitude it brings...