my life!
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2012-07-18 00:41:28 (UTC)

Finding neverland!

Gosh well today kinda sucked;P I woke up to hear my step sisters yelling and screaming. Living with step sisters kinda suck:/ I thought it was going to be fun but I was wrong! I have three step sisters 15,10, and 11. They are the rudest people you would ever meet;o They are always mocking you and making fun of you & they never stop! I'll try to tell my dad but he doesn't do crap bout it;o Anyways other than all of that crap I actually did some pretty fun stuff today;P I watched movies that's bout it;o I watched big daddy narnia and peterpan;D while I was watching peterpan I wished there was a place neverland and that somebody would take me there(: going to neverland I wouldn't have to have so much responsibilities and always worrying;o if only I could find neverland life would be so much easier;D

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