Confessions of a married woman
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2012-07-17 15:24:20 (UTC)

*sigh* Mennn!

Seriously are there ANY faithful men out there!??! I don't want to be pesimistic but they are all the same. Cheaters and liars, but we women are also so weak for these creatures! I talk shit about that slut that seduced my man and took him away, but yet I'm a sucker for these assholes. However, A was def separated when I met him and R we have talked for over a decade... when he was married the first time, after he got a divorce and now he's married again and for some reason we've kept in contact, even though we've never met. But now I KNOW that A is back to his wife thanks to me fucking stalking his wife's profile and I know R is almost a newlywed, but why the fuck didn't we meet first. I know I put it off many times, but still! My life is full of "what ifs" and that can't be good. R just has an amazing personality and a way of talking to you he is atheist and that I cant tolerate, although he has good points. I, however, want to have faith in something and that something is a higher power than anyone here on Earth, God. He's done so many miricles that didn't just happen, just because. The mircles that have happend to our family is due to prayer and miricles and I refuse not to believe that! Anyhow... here are some of my conversations with R:
This was on july 6
r: you getting krunk tonight
me: noo just a lil buzz. i need to drive
r: guess who is>
me: lucky whatcha drinking
r: the best beeer in the world yuengling out of my home made kegerator (he sent me a pic of his kegerator)
me: oh wowlook at you handyman :), so you're not all just good looks huh
r: I do it all, did you know I also paint?
Me: nice house paint or picture/drawing paint?
r: sends me a pic of his work, which is very nice
me? wow nice... (9:42 pm)
me: (11:54 pm with a lil booze in my blood): Hiiiiiiiiii
r: :) send me a pic
me: send him a pic of my friend and it reads: me on the left super buzzed the right is my afirforce friend A she has to be in Ontario tfor duty tonight but she's a trooper shedecided to come celebrate my bday w me tonight.
r: happy bday chickadee! Id idnt' even know! I love me some super buzzed ladies!
me: ell it is on sunday. you're so cuteeeeeee:)
r: whatever. I'm shitfaced. I wish I had you right now!
me: :O. I wish I cold say the same but i catt...omg why havent we metttt
r: your fault, but we should fuck, for sure.
me: :O Ure married baby!
r: Um you still want me inside you
me: i think about ittt, but its wronggg
r: but it will happen. Mark my words.
me: Shuttt up. Nooo thts wronh
r: but its gonna feel so good.
me: why didnt u meet me befor u got marriedddd, fuck!
r: I tried, but you were occupied.
me: u were too. but honestly I love you so mich as a friend
r: you can't just love me?
r: I'm twitter-pated. I really want to talk naughty, but I'm sure you have something lined up for tonight since I'm not there
r: Well have fun with your bestie!
r: Be save and have a good night
me: nothing lined upppp

Type more later!

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