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2012-07-17 04:18:29 (UTC)

insomnia :/

I cant understand why i am having such problems lately when it comes to sleep.. If im with a friend or that certain fella i can fall fast asleep not a problem at all.. But this constant lack of sleep and problem with sleep is starting to wreck my head. Im tired from not sleeping and then i fall sleep at six or seven in the morning and then when i wake up im tired from sleeping for most of the day and my body is drained and i feel sick . Even a fag now is making my body feel terrible whereas a fag used to be very rewarding to me..
This happened after Claire died.. And then it stopped after a few months after her death .. and now its all back again and i cant get rid of it. I think maybe i could be depressed and i just dont no what to do with myself anymore ..