Confessions of a married woman
2012-07-16 19:21:38 (UTC)

Catching you up

Ahh what a crazy summer it has been so far. Filled with parties, get togethers and just things to do. Summer is just passing me by and I have'nt done shit! Well, A has been very active with me lately, he's been messeging me a lot lately. I love it, of course. It is already going to be a year since we last saw each other, and it feels like it was just yesterday.

A had a little accident while training (training for what, I have no clue, didn't go into details) he got shot and it was a through and through wound, but omg it opened his arm up, really bad! He sent me a picture and I couldnt stand look at it. My skin would cringe. It still does when I just talk about it. He is doing alright. It seems he is still sexually intersted in me... :) Ehh.. it is what it is right.

R.. i didn't think he remembered it was my birthday, but he did. He send me bday wishes via Facebook and that was very nice of him. If he would have send me a text I had been happier, but hey he did what he did and its better than nothing.

I cried a few days ago. I don't know if I've told you this before, but I stalk A's "X" profile because it is public, and a few days ago, I looked into it and her martial status had changed to "it's complicated" to "Married". Some of her friends congratulated her and she said that they had been together for a while, but that she thought it would stick so she was changing her marital status. Like a stupid ass I started to cry. I don't know why! He is nothing to me. Yes I care for him, but fuck he doesn't give two shits about me, even though like I said, he's been messenging me more often now a days. Telling me that he misses me and that he wishes that he was with me.. blah blah... Little does he know how much dirt I have on him. I have so much that I feel guilty, but it's okay he can believe that I don't know anything. Although if he would pass through town I don't know if I could reject him knowing what I know, but he doesnt know that I know. He thinks that I think he's divorced because he told me so, so what does one do? I can't tell him I know who his wife is or how the hell I know so much about him. Wow I feel like a stalker!

Well back to work. :)

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