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2012-07-16 17:40:41 (UTC)

Dakota Fanning and Some Grizzly Bears

I started having really strange dreams earlier this year and a friend of mine suggested that I start a dream journal. I used to write down only ones I thought were really profound, but I suppose even the ones that seem like they don't mean anything at all... still could mean something? I don't know.

The first thing I remember is that my family and I were wading down this river, then we were in those little inflatable boats. The current was really strong and we were trying to keep to the sides of the river, so we could jump out and pull the boats ashore if the current started pulling us out.

Then, I skipped to different dream... we were all at a pool party. There were tons of people there and they were playing this weird game... sort of a combination of tag and capture the flag. Two people were it and you had to run and try to grab a piece of the birthday cake and eat it before you got tagged, lol... weird.

THEN, I skipped to another dream. I was inside the sort of building/cave that was carved into the side of this cliff. There was a guy there who was looking through his backpack (I guess he was a rock climber or hiker or something) and apparently I knew him from somewhere because he was talking to me like we were old friends. He wanted me to come hiking with him, so I said I would, but I had to get my things ready. I turned around and he disappeared, but Dakota Fanning was there (she was younger in my dream than she is in real life now) and she walked over to me and started talking to me, but she was standing really close, then I realized she was trying to tie me up, but she only had the rope around my legs. I looked around and there was an old hiker/camper/homeless-looking guy that I guess she was going to try to sell me to. I turned around and started running away and one of my legs came free of the rope. I ran to the edge of the cave (which was also the edge of the cliff and it dropped straight down to the river that was in my first dream) and there was a small ledge that ran alongside the cliff. I kept running, didn't realize I had run out of places to run, and almost slipped off the edge of the cliff, into the water. Then, more ground just appeared in front of me, and there was a huge fallen log that I crawled into to hide. It was really quiet outside until I heard something moving on the log above me. A tiny little bear cub fell through the slightly rotted wood and I thought it was so cute! I started to pet it but then heard bigger bears growling up above me, so I pushed the baby bear back up through the hole it fell through. Everything was quiet again for a minute, then one of the big bears reached its HUGE paw into the hole, growling like crazy. I crawled as fast as I could to the other side of the log, but only to find 7 or 8 more bears at that end. Before I probably would have been eaten by them, I woke up....

WEIRD dream...

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