Human Voices
2001-10-10 05:26:04 (UTC)

Love Interest

Mark rang me in London. This was rather strange to me as I live in
Australia but still sweet. Well, before I go any
further I think I should mention the Mark story.

I met Mark back in May. I was at the shops with some
friends when Chris walked by. At the time we were having an
argument and so she introduced Mark to the friends I was
with and neglected to mention my name. Feeling frustrated
and not a little bit annoyed that I hadn't been introduced
to this lovely looking guy, I defiantly shook his hand and
introduced myself. Now this is something that I don't
usually do because I'm usually rather shy around guys,
particularly nice looking ones.

Anyway, the next night Chris and I sorted out our
differences. I assure you that this was nothing to do with
the fact that I had met Mark, she came to me and told me
she was sorry. I forgave her and she formally introduced me
to Mark the following night. As far as I knew, Mark
was 'seeing' Chris's younger sister, Lucy. Anyway, I
thought he was nice and that was that. I finally got the
chance to have a proper chat to him about how much I missed
Scotland and how different Australia was from Scotland and
England and all the rest of it. He mentioned that he
couldn't stand Lucy but, because he was staying with them,
he was having to be nice to her. I told him that he would
have to meet Nick - a guy that I was madly in love with and
had been forever. He said that would be nice as it would be
a guy for him to go out with. He only had Chris and Lucy
whom he knew and their younger brothers.

Anyway, Nick's birthday was coming up and he invited Mark
and all of us to go. I was so happy! I thought that this
was my chance to finally do something about my feelings for
him. My mother took me shopping and I bought a new skirt
and had my hair cut especially. I know that sound really
pathetic that I went to all that trouble but I was
determined to get him no matter what. We were on our way to
Nick's house when Chris suddenly declared that Mark had
told her the previous night that he liked me. Weeeell, this
was going to complicate things. It was going to be an
interesting night.

The girls and I went down to the park by Nick's house to
drink. I hate drinking and so I promised that I would be
designated Dave for the night and drive them all home once
they intoxicated themselves. It was getting a little cold
and so we all piled into Ben's car. They were six of the
girls in the bac, Ben and Skye in the front, FINALLY
getting together and Mark sharing thepassenger seat with
me. Well....the next thing I knew he was kissing me. God!
AND, even worse, Nick was looking for me outside. I pulled
away and told him that I had to go back inside. Obviously
dejected, he told me that he would go instead. I turned to
the girls in the back to hear their reaction to what had
just happened and they simple giggled, in their drunken

A couple of hours later, I was standing in the back yard
when Nick came up to me and put his arms around me. This
was terrible because, although I desperately wanted his
arms around me, I was forced me casually remove them
because Mark was standing right near me and I didn't want
to seem like a slut. I shouldn't have really felt this way
because almost the first thing I told Mark when meeting him
was that I was in love with Nick. What a terrible night!
Within half an hour Mark was telling me that he really
liked me and Nick was staring at me and asking me to meet
him out front. I was having a terrible time! And I'm never
the one who draws all the guys! You know that
saying 'Always the bridesmaid and never the bride.' Well,
that's me. That will be me in a few years when all of my
friends are getting married. I was confused. I left.

A few weeks later it was Lucy's birthday. Again, we were
all invited. Nick was even going to be there because I
worked up the courage to ring him and ask him to go. He
said yeah, he'd love to. Anyway, cutting to the chase. Nick
was all over me all night and I could tell that it was
upsetting Mark although I didn't know what to do. Nick was
everything I'd always wanted - sweet, funny, sexy,
considerate, modest, perfect. And Mark was someone I had
just met but couldn't help liking. He was just so likeable -
agreeable, British, sweet, caring, shy. The night quickly
got worse as Nick grabbed me as I was walking away and
kissed me. Mark was stood near by and walked off as soon as
he saw. I couldn't understand why Nick hadn't done anything
about us sooner.And I couldn't understand why Mark got so
angry. He knew I liked Nick.

The cruncher came two nights later when we all went to a
60s and 70s night. Clad in our minis and knee'high boots
and laughing at the boys in their flares - we were having
the best night. Nick was buying me drinks, Mark was asking
to dance with me and I was enjoying all the timeless 70s
music. I decided that I wanted to tell Nick once and for
all how I felt. But first I had to gain some dutch courage.
I drank myself silly. Yes, I know, bad move. I told Nick
that I had loved him for ages. He told me that he liked me
but he had a girlfriend as of that day! I couldn't believe
it! He said that he had thought I was with Mark and had
agreeded to go out with someone else. Arsehole. So I told
him that I was fine but proceeded to cry for the rest of
the night until 5am. I was devastated. I can't describe the
feeling. I felt like I couldn't talk, couldn't breathe,
couldn't function without him. Cliche I know. I was

I cried myself to sleep at Chris's house in the early hours
of the morning as the sun was coming up. Mark turned up at
about 6am after clubbing the rest of the night away. I woke
to him stroking my hair and him telling me that Nick didn't
deserve me.

He went back to England in August. Although I didn't let
anyone see, I was upset when he left. I gave him my Nana's
phone number in London where I will be staying when I go to
the UK next month. My Nana called me and told me that a boy
called Mark rang to ask when I was coming. I couldn't
believe it. I was so happy. I think youdon't realise what
you have until it's gone. All my friends are joking that I
have a boyfriend waiting for me but I dunno. I'm so stupid
when it comes to romantic decisions. Everyone's happy for
me. Except Chris. Although she pretens to be, she's still
annoyed that Mark broke it off with Lucy because he liked
me. God. Life is so tough.