How does one live life?
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2012-07-14 04:29:57 (UTC)

Preliminary Report


I know I haven't written anything the past two days. I was to busy dealing head-shots in a FPS game a friend of mine introduced me to.

Just gonna be quick about it today as well. Not a lot happened them past two days. Them was over before I knew it.

I might write something later. Right now I'm gonna watch a movie I have on my laptop. One of my favorite ones. I'm probably gonna be in a messed up mental state afterwards, so I hereby take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for any content, albeit it be graphical, that may follow. Writing my feelings down it a means of catharsis for me. Same as listening to music. It just empowers me, and sends my way-too-imaginative mind to uncharted lands and undiscovered secrets buried within me. No, I'm not trippin balls.

So, off I go then! Quote from a worker in Warcraft III strategy game. I know, I game too much. But, what can you do about it, right?

For those who are actually interested in knowing what I'm gonna fill my night with, here's a list:

-Cold half eaten pizza. Best kind there is, right?
-Liquor. Because I can.
A psychological and a-whole-lot-of-other-things masterpiece of a movie, so underrated it makes you want to go out on the streets and re-educate the people. Also known as The Fountain, with Hugh Jackman. It rests next to Donny Darko. Right where I want it. Right Where It Belongs. NIN-reference. I'm on fire, and I'm proud of it.

Enough of this. I'm out.