Life of a military wife
2012-07-14 01:36:09 (UTC)

Almost the weekend

Kyle and I are going to see my mom tomorrow. Havent seen her in 3months. Really excited about seeing both of my parents. Tomorrow is my parents anniversery and then Sunday is my mom's birthday. We are taking our pet ferret, Bell, with us. It is nice to be within driving distance of them.
Well, the second day of having the IUD in is ok. I am still cramping alot but not as bad yesterday. Which is really good. We may go fishing tomorrow that would be fun. My dad and kyle like to fish. I Like to fish but I don't like hooking worms or crickets(I am scared of Crickets). I can hook minnoses easy. I am not really good at getting the fish off the hook either but I enjoy the time you can spend with someone while you are waiting on the fish to bite. I am so looking forward to see my old pets, technically my parents pets now.
There is Bo, a black lab,he is 11 years old. Du,a black cat, he is my baby. Du is probably 3. Then there is Ashley she is another cat and she is the oldest. She is 13. And the last one is booboo, he is a cat and 2years old. I know when I was in high school we had alot of pets. We even had a pet squirrel. Her name was sweety and we had her for two years then we set her free out in the wild. Well right now I am waiting on kyle to get home so we can get some sleep. The earlier we go to sleep the earlier we can get up. I don't even know if I am going to be able to go to TOO EXCITED.
Well until Monday,

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