Experienced Life
2012-07-12 22:48:47 (UTC)

Moving and bills

Well, it's been awhile. I'm moving out of North Highlands and back to Citrus Hts. I thought I'd save money but something always come up to bite you in the ass and take you down again.
So, I figure wtf? May as well live it up a little. I got hit with the Ex's medical bills.

I think I whined enough about it not being fair and all that crap so I won't go through it anymore. Just gotta live with it. I owe around 2 grand if I pay within a certain time frame. Otherwise, I owe 4.

The new house I'm renting has a decent backyard with a pool. Friends seem to like it. It's a three bedroom and only I will be in there. lol. I don't care. Fuck it. I've been in this little room for 6 months now. I need some room to breath.

Still no sex. I sorta told the single parent group I'm hanging with that I may not show up for awhile. They all got their kids and I'm the only parent going by themselves every time. I don't know why someone didn't complain yet. They must think I'm a perv or something yet people seem to like my company there.

So now? Moving some stuff then I'll let the movers move the big items this Saturday. I guess this is another new Chapter in life that I'll be starting. We shall see.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The ex is still giving me shit. Wouldn't be her if she didn't. She said the stress in her life is effecting her physically. Duh? No shit!? Told her it happens to us all. She said she's in a phase of a diabetic level. Don't know exactly but it may be better off if she did die. Then I could take care of the kids. Haven't seen them in 7 months.

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