Shut Up

Read this if you can
2012-07-12 11:02:23 (UTC)

its been so long

So, i haven't posted here for a long time.. Not sure how long.. And ive got a good reason. School has been busy for the last month.. We attended journalism seminars (again) but we didnt really listen very well.. I mean, come on.. We've been learning this things for the last two years.. We're juniors now, we need something new!
Anyway, i discovered a cool site where you can talk to strangers online.. It's Yeah, i only found it last week.. And its really cool.. I talked to pretty awesome people and got their emails.. Some guys are perverts though.. I'd disconnect after a few typed words..
You should try it though.. Maybe you'll meet me there, and we can chat without realizing that we're talking to each other xD
Oohhh.. Tomorrow is friday the 13th.. Im not a strong believer of superstitions though..
Im starting to hate Advance English.. We've been doing reports since the start of the school year.. We're about to pass our fifth report tomorrow, and school's only started a month and a week ago -_- ive done a witness report, thesis, mechanial report, trip report, and i have to pass a progress report.. We've done all of those for A MONTH AND A WEEK ONLY!! Sigh...

I guess thats everything for now..