2012-07-11 20:03:32 (UTC)

Gaming and Facebook Addiction

One of the things I should do is stop playing online games. It sucks the life out of me and wastes so much time, the hours just disappear. Its like deleting my iPhone emails and seeing time being dragged into the trash can. Its also not good for relationships as it drives Brent crazy that I am constantly sitting at the computer keying while supposedly watching TV. I tell him that I can multi task but we both know that is not exactly true. When the hours and minutes are totted up, I wonder how many days I have lost this year to my comfy seat on the sofa, to Bubble Witch, and other mindless games. Some research says that games are good for us to keep us sharp, but I think that perhaps learning something new or reading a good book would serve me better. Maybe the worst of it is that I have begun to play these games during the day at work. I am barely motivated at the best of times but having the option to play games is really dragging me down.

I have made a decision: not only am I going to removed these games from Facebook and my iPhone, I am going to close down my Facebook so that I cannot see it during the day while at work, (except maybe to check for messages during my lunch hour) that way I will have begun to cut down my distractions. I will also post to everyone I play games with that I am opting out. Except that is for Workscraper which I play with my mum as this keeps her involved and only takes a few minutes.

I feel as though I am going cold turkey, it is easy to press that little 'x' on the Facebook tab but I am finding it hard, yet when I look through the posts most of them are useless rubbish that I do not need to see, often from people I barely know. If people need to contact me they can either txt or phone.

There, I've done it. Like Alcoholics Anonymous, I am a Facebook aholic and this is my first day of abstaining.

Will I be able to concentrate on my work any better, maybe not, but at least I have withdrawn one distraction. Maybe I should close my home emails too, but lets just concentrate on one thing at a time. I haven't posted about removing myself from games yet but I will, I will.