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2012-07-10 23:03:18 (UTC)

Read Please . .

Hey , iJus went throuqh all the old diary messaqes iWrote before . If you have read those before you read this please know there is nothinq really wronq with me . iWass never "in love" with those dudes iWass writinq about , iWass jus bein a overdramatic 7th qrader . Honestly now that iRealize the thinqs that iSaid , iWould like to address them . Mickeymouse- His name is Aj , we are like brutha & sistah , we always have been , we only went out to experiment & because of thee fact that it wass one of my first real relationships iTook it to a whole diffrent with the emotions that iKnew deep down that iDidnt really feel , this is why we broke up .
Ninja Turtle- His name is K'saan , we werent best friends from day one iJus wanted everythinq to seem like a fairy tale , actually iCouldnt stand him , he wass to cocky . Well in our relationship we fouqht ALOT , & honestly iThink that iJus had feelinqs for him because iWass always around him . But noow iRealize all these feelinqs were jus my dramticness . Since then iHave chanqed the way iThink , iDont qet my hopes up but iDo always hope for the best . iHave stopped beinq so dramatic , iDont "fall in love" like iUsed to claim iDid , im a teenaqer . . what do iKnw about love ? But on the briqht side that bf that iTalked about last . . well were still holdin stronq , almost qoin on 2 yearss now . Heres another briqht side to that , our relationship ain based on sex and lies .. its based on communication , honesty , and pure fun . Lifes qood now , the economy miqht not be the best for me but im still alive so iCant complain =)
- S

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