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2012-07-10 06:27:17 (UTC)

what he does not know

Camden probably thinks i am crying. He probably thinks i am sad. He probably thinks i want him back. then he is entirely wrong. i am not crying i am not sad and i don't want him back. i am heeled already. i dont need him. i never did i just thought i wanted him. but i have something better, my best friend Katrina. She has always been there for me, she has always been nice to me, and she has never made me cry. she knows everything about me. And she told me i don't need Camden, I don't want Camden, and he doesn't even know me. He doesn't give a damn, he just wanted to kiss me and brag to his friends that i said i love you to him, and that he has me on a leash. HELL NO. im not that kinda girl. im glad i never kissed him. And i don't miss him, and if i want a boy who will treat me right and is good to me, i have Brandon. He has always been their for me, and he turns me back into old self. the new self Camden turned me into has got to say goodbye, she scares me. And i admit to it she scares me and isn't the good me. So it is time to say goodbye to Camden..........forever.