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2012-07-10 06:11:19 (UTC)


Well my best friend Katrina was right.......again. Camden is a jerk. She told me he isn't worth it let him be. well i didn't listen and he told me he doesn't want anything to do with me. he said this now, 2 days after my dad moved out. He is such a jerk. I loved him and i love him now and he broke my heart.......again. the pain you get is the worst. you think you understand but you wont ever know until you are truly in love and you get your heart broke. i don't know what to do. i don't know what i did wrong. i don't know why. i am sadder than ever. he is like a best friend but different. and now he wants nothing to do with me. i gave up so much for him i stood by him and i told him i loved him.......and i really meant it. that is what is so hard to except, he doesn't love me back. when you love some one and you tell them how you feel it sounds so cheesy and phoney but it is true. and when they don't feel the same about you, it makes you sad. but the moments that they spend with you and when they do say they love you it makes you crazy and it makes it all worth it. but this is the last time i will ever let him love me and surely is the last time i tell him i love him and watch him break me apart. this time i wont cry and wont be sad i will smile and laugh and pretend nothing happened and only Katrina will hear of this. She deserves to know that she is right and i will listen to her next time. Maybe next year Camden and i will be friends..........with nothing more to it. or maybe we wont even talk, i don't know it is entirely up to him. But what i do know is he will never here me say i love you to him and he will never get to kiss me. he will never hold hands with me, and never hug me or date me so that means he will never have the chance to break my heart.

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